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Woman dies in freak accident after scarf gets stuck in escalator

  Scarves, or any other loose clothes for that matter, and escalators don’t go together. They never have. This was evident on Thursday when a Montreal woman died after her scarf got caught in an escalator. The woman was riding … Continue reading

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Shocked woman returns home to find PUMA destroying her kitchen

A woman was shocked to discover an unwanted house guest had broken a window to enter her home in Santiago, Chile The animal had caused serious damage as he scavenged for food until he was discovered by the shocked woman. … Continue reading

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French schools lie vacant after hoax messages on ‘masturbation classes go viral

Primary schools in France are facing a tough task fighting boycott after hoax text messages were circulated to parents urging them to keep their wards off the schools, as teachers were allegedly planning to induct training sessions for four-year-old kids … Continue reading

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Rapist Discovers His Victim Had HIV

A jailed rapist will discover this week whether he contracted HIV from his victim. Richard Thomas, 27, collapsed when police informed him about his victim’s medical status, and is now waiting to hear if he has contracted the virus. Thomas … Continue reading

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Woman weaves clothes out of her own hair

It may sound like a hair-brained scheme but Xiang Renxian from China has created clothes using locks from her own head. The retired teacher has spent the past 11 years weaving a cardigan and hat made from strands collected in … Continue reading

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