Horror as mother, 20, is beheaded in front of her young son after getting trapped in doors of elevator as it shot to the next floor

A young mother was beheaded in front of her two-and-a-half year old son in an horrific elevator accident in her block of flats near Moscow.
Olga Tilinina, 20, was with her eldest child Maxim after taking him for a walk.
She entered the lift on the ground floor with her son behind her when the elevator doors suddenly slammed shut. Her legs were trapped between the doors say neighbours.

The Russian mother pushed her son to safety but the lift then went up with her jammed half in-half out of the rising elevator. Her head cracked against the ceiling of the lift doorway. Olga was literally torn to pieces and ‘her head was found on the ground floor, while the rest of her body was squeezed between the floors’ before the elevator finally came to a halt on the second floor, said a report by television channel NTV.

A family friend named Mikhail said: ‘She had come back home, and was about to enter the lift with her child, but the door closed. ‘She managed to push away her child, then her legs were caught, and the upper part of her body was crushed on the concrete. She was terribly badly damaged. A mess in her stomach, all mangled and smashed, her face mashed.’

An emergency services worker said: ‘Her poor son witnessed this scene from hell.’ Minutes earlier Olga’s husband Dmitry, 24, had used the same lift to take the couple’s other child Egor, one, in from their family walk. When a traumatised Maxim was reunited with his shell-shocked father, all he could say was ‘Mama, leg.’

Stunning: Mrs Tilinina had been a contestant in a beauty contest in their home town of Dmitrov in 2012. In a tribute to his dead wife, who in 2012 had been a contestant in a beauty contest in their home town of Dmitrov, he wrote on her social site: ‘I have lost my most beloved and darling person.
‘I love you and remember you, you will remain in my heart. Our children love you.’

Full story on The Daily Mail

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