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Indian man gets fingers chopped off, acid thrown in face

Six men chopped off all 10 fingers of a man and poured acid into his eyes after an altercation in Samastipur district in Bihar, police said on Friday. The incident happened when the victim, who was trying to repair his … Continue reading

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Spanish dog gives birth to green puppies

A Spanish dog breeder was left in shock when two tiny puppies were born a shade of green. Aido Vallelado, 27, said she struggled to believe it when she first saw the colour of the two puppies. Born smaller and weaker … Continue reading

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Woman gives birth to lizard

This midwife probably did not expect to find a baby gecko on the birthing table when she started assisting a mother in labour. But rather than delivering a healthy newborn baby, she found herself face-to-face with a lizard. Or so she claims. … Continue reading

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