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Mom arrested for letting daughter play outside

Debra Harrell is currently in jail because she let her 9-year-old daughter play, unsupervised, in a public park. Almost everything about this story (which I noticed courtesy of Lenore Skenazy) is horrifying. Harrell works at McDonald’s. Her daughter used to tag along and … Continue reading

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Gas from farts can help battle disease

The thought may make your stomach churn, but scientists claim that the gas which makes farts smell of rotten eggs could be used to help tackle conditions like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. The gas behind the putrid stench is known as hydrogen sulphide, and is … Continue reading

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Baby left in sweltering car in France dies

A year-old baby left by his mother in a car on a blazing summer day in southern France has died.  Medical services failed to revive the infant, who had been left unattended for at least an hour in the heat … Continue reading

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Naked man in nut tree arrested

Police in America have arrested a man after finding him naked up a nut tree. The Salem authorities received several 911 reports of a man without any clothes roaming the area and “touching himself”, KGW reports. When they arrived in the early hours … Continue reading

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8 paper clips removed from man’s stomach

  Doctors successfully removed eight straightened paperclips from the stomach of a man who admitted swallowing the clips during a heated argument with his wife. The straightened paperclips were lodged in the 26-year-old man’s stomach and other organs and could … Continue reading

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