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Hunt for sick killer who hanged dog from metal chain

Plea: The RSPCA has released this disturbing picture in a bid to catch the killer The RSPCA are hunting a sick killer who hanged a dog from a set of railings. A passerby made the disturbing discovery only yards from … Continue reading

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Children watch tiger snatch father off boat

A Bengal tiger snatched a man off a fishing boat in eastern India, dragging him away into a mangrove swamp as his children looked on in horror, the man’s son said Friday. The attack happened Thursday as Sushil Manjhi and … Continue reading

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Kitten survives 80-km chassis ride

Sasinpitch Kaewrattachanon called rescue workers after hearing ”meow” under her car while making a stop for petrol refill in Bang Pa-in district.  A team of rescue workers from Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya district rushed to the petrol station and looked … Continue reading

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Spanish dog gives birth to green puppies

A Spanish dog breeder was left in shock when two tiny puppies were born a shade of green. Aido Vallelado, 27, said she struggled to believe it when she first saw the colour of the two puppies. Born smaller and weaker … Continue reading

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Woman gives birth to lizard

This midwife probably did not expect to find a baby gecko on the birthing table when she started assisting a mother in labour. But rather than delivering a healthy newborn baby, she found herself face-to-face with a lizard. Or so she claims. … Continue reading

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