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Residents upset over millionaire’s garden statue

Residents of wealthy Old Westbury, N.Y., do not have to worry about living downwind of a pig farm or next to a fraternity house. They do have to be concerned, it turns out, that a millionaire neighbor will plop a … Continue reading

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Boy draws all over dad’s passport.. Dad gets stuck in South-Korea

A four-year-old boy showed his talents as a budding artist in this nice drawing he did… all over his dad’s passport. The child got busy during a recent family trip to South Korea, where he took to the back page … Continue reading

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Man eats own hip, calls it art

  A Norwegian art student says the deformed hip that caused him a lifetime of pain became something much more pleasant when boiled and served with potatoes. Alexander Selvik Wengshoel, 25, says he spent a year convincing doctors to let … Continue reading

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Musician plays violin on man’s hair

This strange YouTube video shows a man whose locks are long enough to string a violin. Tadas Maksimovas came up with the idea to promote Street Musicians’ Day. He contacted violinist Eimantas Belickas and gave him the green light. Mr Maksimovas’ hair … Continue reading

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Sculpture of man in underwear turning some heads on Wellesley College campus

  WELLESLEY, Mass. – A new art exhibit on the side of the road in Wellesley is turning a few heads. The Davis Museum at Wellesley College put a Tony Matelli sculpture called Sleepwalker on display by the side of … Continue reading

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