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Mom arrested for letting daughter play outside

Debra Harrell is currently in jail because she let her 9-year-old daughter play, unsupervised, in a public park. Almost everything about this story (which I noticed courtesy of Lenore Skenazy) is horrifying. Harrell works at McDonald’s. Her daughter used to tag along and … Continue reading

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Baby left in sweltering car in France dies

A year-old baby left by his mother in a car on a blazing summer day in southern France has died.  Medical services failed to revive the infant, who had been left unattended for at least an hour in the heat … Continue reading

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‘Dead’ girl wakes up at her own funeral

Startled mourners believe they caught a miracle on camera when the ‘dead’ toddler they were about to bury woke up at her own funeral. The three-year-old from Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur in the Philippines, was pronounced dead at 9am on Friday … Continue reading

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Mom kills toddler son, then posts pics on Facebook

Nicole ‘Nikki’ Kelly a 22 year old mother from Queens, NY has been charged with second degree murder of her toddler son, Kiam Felix Jr after she came to suffocate the 11 month old boy. The child’s death came after the woman told having reached … Continue reading

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Cop rescued two kids from overheated car while nanny got a tan

A 23-year-old nanny pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from a day she allegedly left two, small children in a sweltering minivan while she went tanning. As outside temperatures soared to 90 degrees on May 15, a Portland, Oregon, police officer … Continue reading

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