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Mom kills toddler son, then posts pics on Facebook

Nicole ‘Nikki’ Kelly a 22 year old mother from Queens, NY has been charged with second degree murder of her toddler son, Kiam Felix Jr after she came to suffocate the 11 month old boy. The child’s death came after the woman told having reached … Continue reading

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Mom stabs teacher to death in class full of 5 y.o. kids

 PARIS — The mother of a pupil at a French pre-school stabbed a teacher to death in front of her class Friday, the last day of the school year, authorities said. The education minister said the mother apparently had “serious … Continue reading

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Hunt for sick killer who hanged dog from metal chain

Plea: The RSPCA has released this disturbing picture in a bid to catch the killer The RSPCA are hunting a sick killer who hanged a dog from a set of railings. A passerby made the disturbing discovery only yards from … Continue reading

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German who cooked the severed head of his victim after a sex game went wrong is jailed for less than four years

A German salesman ‘sawed, hacked and sliced up’ a bank clerk who had suffocated to death in a bizarre sex game gone wrong – before leaving his head ‘bobbing in a stewpot’. Michael Schneider, 45, left 37-year-old Carsten Schmidt’s severed … Continue reading

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‘Say a prayer for me': What eight-year-old girl said to her mother before she died from being beaten with a metal pole

A Queensland girl asked her mother to pray for her hours before she died alone and in pain after she was bashed with a metal pole at the hands of her mum. The abuse the eight-year-old was subjected to in … Continue reading

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