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Aunt Befriends Niece With Fake Facebook Account; Niece Allegedly Asks Her To Murder Family

An Alabama woman’s duplicitous attempt to befriend her niece with a fake Facebook account may be what saved her life. The niece was allegedly looking for someone to murder her entire family, including the aunt who set up the fake account. … Continue reading

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Children seriously injured after inflatable bouncy house is blown 50 feet in the air

Two New York State boys suffered serious injuries after an inflatable bounce house was swept into the air before dumping them back on the ground from 15 feet up. In the nightmarish scene, the boys aged 5 and 6 were … Continue reading

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Family’s car catches on fire while in lion enclosure at safari park

A family visiting Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire were faced with a nightmare scenario after their car caught on fire while they were driving through a lion enclosure. Footage of the family’s car ablaze was filmed by another visitor to the sanctuary … Continue reading

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Landlord From Hell Tries To Collect Rent With Chainsaw

BERLIN (Reuters) – A landlord demanding rent arrears threatened tenants and German police with a whirring chainsaw, a police spokesman said on Wednesday. The frightened tenants called police to the scene, and the 45-year-old man eventually dropped the chainsaw when … Continue reading

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Horryfying moment when todler plays on ledge of high rise building

A baby almost died after crawling on to the window ledge of a high-rise apartment building in India. Shocking footage has emerged of the toddler dangling just inches away from death as it crawls along the ledge without any bars … Continue reading

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