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‘Dead’ girl wakes up at her own funeral

Startled mourners believe they caught a miracle on camera when the ‘dead’ toddler they were about to bury woke up at her own funeral. The three-year-old from Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur in the Philippines, was pronounced dead at 9am on Friday … Continue reading

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Children watch tiger snatch father off boat

A Bengal tiger snatched a man off a fishing boat in eastern India, dragging him away into a mangrove swamp as his children looked on in horror, the man’s son said Friday. The attack happened Thursday as Sushil Manjhi and … Continue reading

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Indian man gets fingers chopped off, acid thrown in face

Six men chopped off all 10 fingers of a man and poured acid into his eyes after an altercation in Samastipur district in Bihar, police said on Friday. The incident happened when the victim, who was trying to repair his … Continue reading

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Aunt Befriends Niece With Fake Facebook Account; Niece Allegedly Asks Her To Murder Family

An Alabama woman’s duplicitous attempt to befriend her niece with a fake Facebook account may be what saved her life. The niece was allegedly looking for someone to murder her entire family, including the aunt who set up the fake account. … Continue reading

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37 bags of dead dogs, four rotting puppies, and 39 badly malnourished canines found at home of woman who claimed to run a canine ‘rescue’ organization

  For years, Nicole Hulbig collected beloved pets and rescue dogs from all over the country and promised to train them to be therapy dogs for PTSD-stricken soldiers and disabled children. Her pledges turned to ash this week after authorities … Continue reading

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