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Gumtree user texts entire works of Shakespeare to seller after PS3 fails to arrive

  Revenge should have no bounds, William Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, but one ripped-off Gumtree user perhaps took the Bard’s words a bit too literally.   Edd Joseph, a graphic designer from Bristol, was left £80 out of pocket when … Continue reading

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French schools lie vacant after hoax messages on ‘masturbation classes go viral

Primary schools in France are facing a tough task fighting boycott after hoax text messages were circulated to parents urging them to keep their wards off the schools, as teachers were allegedly planning to induct training sessions for four-year-old kids … Continue reading

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Mixed messages: Christian group’s iPhone ‘Jesus text’ campaign backfires

  It must have seemed like a good idea in theory – design a religious pamphlet aimed at the iPhone generation. Get more young people connecting with Christianity by making it look like Jesus is texting them. Only, it didn’t … Continue reading

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