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Spanish dog gives birth to green puppies

A Spanish dog breeder was left in shock when two tiny puppies were born a shade of green. Aido Vallelado, 27, said she struggled to believe it when she first saw the colour of the two puppies. Born smaller and weaker … Continue reading

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Woman falls into well while having sex, lover flees site

The edge of a well is not really the best place to have sex as Edelia Aponte, 21, found out. Edelia fell 15 feet into the well during the tryst with her lover who she had met the night before … Continue reading

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Immigrant caught hiding in suitcase by Spanish police

  Spanish police find an African immigrant hiding in a suitcase as he tries to cross the border from Morocco into Spain’s North African enclave of Melilla. The 19-year-old illegal immigrant was crossing the border from Morocco in to Melilla … Continue reading

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